Biography/Artistic Statement:

My interest in photography began in childhood when I spent many hours in my father’s makeshift darkroom watching him translate his photographic eye onto paper. Now retired, I find pure joy in photography as both a creative outlet and a window into nature.

My husband and I travel extensively with my camera as an intrepid companion. My work has been exhibited in both Salem and Portland at the Salem Art Association, Compass Gallery, and the Black Box Gallery.

For me, the natural world is a spiritual sanctuary. It is a rich and vibrant canvas upon which life unfolds in a magical, mysterious, and majestic dichotomy of decay and rebirth. I love using Nature’s abundant palette of colors, textures, and shapes at a macro level to challenge perception and to unearth the unexpected.  

I believe that photography, like poetry, has the power to elicit strong emotions and visceral responses. 


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