Process Statement:

All my photographs are taken with a Nikon Df full frame DSLR. My primary lens is a Tamron Macro 1:1 90 mm 1:2.8 SP Di. My other “go-to” lens is a Tamron Zoom 28-300 mm, F/3.5-6.3 Di VC PZD. Images are shot RAW then viewed and processed in Adobe Lightroom.

Finished images are printed on Moab Entrada Rag, acid-free, archival paper. Depending on size, and demand, images become photo greeting cards, framed images for exhibition or personal display, or photo books. 

Fine Art / Artistic Imagery and Interpretation:

In 2014, I began to explore macro photography at a deeper and more abstract level. These images now became more illusory, evocative, and thought provoking. Through this style of expression, I want to challenge perception through Nature's abundant palette of colors, textures and shapes to unearth the unexpected.

 The Journey explores how unexpected emotional turmoil rooted in loss, violation, vulnerability, and grief can ultimately lead to acceptance, forgiveness, and joy. 

Traductus is a personal exploration of the passages throughout my life; be these emotional, physical, or spiritual. The images reflect choices that have forged me into who I am and, to date, are the verse of my life. 

Matiz showcases treasures found across the spectrum from black to white. They speak to the nuances of life. 

Sylvae: Mysteries of the Forest showcases exotic imagery found when one meanders in the forests, yet often times only "sees" the trees.

Heart Song is an exhibit that features two series; The Journey and Traductus. They are a visual representation of T.S. Eliot's "Wasteland." Akin to Eliot, these images represent the verses of my life as I travel through the dark and frozen places to ultimately find peace, happiness, and acceptance within myself. It is also an odyssey and a visceral reflection into my deepest self. For it is in the darkness where I became tempered, learned to dance to the beat of my own drum, defined success on my terms and discovered joy.

Spiris-Libitus: Life is mirrored in the cycles of nature where death and decay provide the seeds for renewal and beauty. This series shares moments that illustrate the shifting balance from light to dark with the seasonal transition from summer into fall. 

Flight of Imagination: Akin to finding images in the clouds, feathers with various colors, shapes, and designs are the foundation in this series. 
I revisit and refine photographs I shot months ago to further look beyond what is expected. Thus my imagination and creativity take flight once again.

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